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Bogdan Rata

Bogdan Rata


Bogdan Rata is a sculptor from the young generation of the artists. His new hybrid realism is finding new genetic forms of human anatomy in search of a new posthumanism.

Based in a “forgotten future”, his work reproduces “replicas of reality” reminiscent of the virtual world in the film Blade Runner.  Rata multiplies human parts (fingers, ears, and so on) and combines them into new life forms. The newborn creatures seem to result from strange experiments with the human body in an esthetics lab.

Rata’s works forge a contextual change of the anatomic detail through its obsessive multiplication. The materials used, and the resulting industrial look, question the assault on individual personality in a climate of commercial branding uniformity. The concept of “hand-foot” and the “unsuccessful blessing” symbol strengthens the idea behind the work, delicately propelling it into the realm of grotesque. The torso also evokes a twist of reality, the socially provocative themes of sexual identity and the hermaphrodite.

He uses new materials as polystyrene, industrial paint, plaster, synthetic resin.

1984 – born in Baia Mare, RO
lives and works in Bucharest & Timisoara, RO

2012 – PhD, West University of Timisoara, RO
2008 – M.A., National University of Art, sculpture department, Bucharest, RO
2006 – B.A. West University of Timisoara, sculpture department, RO


2013 – Farideh Cadot, Paris, FR

2012 – rupTrup, with Mihai Zgondoiu, Atelier 030202, The Night of the Galleries, Bucharest, RO
2012 – Artists of the Month ”January”, with Francisc Chiuariu, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, RO
2011 – 1990 Project: Hand Gun, Piata Presei Libere, Bucharest, RO
2010 – ”Penitenciary”, Mulhouse Biennial, Art Basel, CH
2010 – ”Minimal Feelings”, Jecza Gallery, Timișoara, RO
2010 – ”God Bless Me”, Slag Gallery, NY, US
2008 – ”Gene”, UNA Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2005 – ”Prints and insects”, Mansarda Gallery, Timisoara, RO


2013 – ”Essences of Reality”, East European contemporary Art, Muzeul Brukenthal Sibiu, RO
2013 – ”Personal Structures” – Collateral Event Venice Biennale, 55th edition, Palazzo Bembo Veneția, IT
2013 – ”Kaleidoscope” – European Commision, Farmleigh Gallery Dublin, UK
2013 – initiator Galery “geam MAT” Art MuseumTimișoara, RO

2012 – The Essences of Reality, Hungarian and Romanian contemporary artists in an itinerant exhibition, Várfok Gallery, Budapest, HU
2012 – “Colouring the Grey – State of Body”, curator Cosmin Năsui, Liverpool Biennial Independents 2012, UK (catalogue)
2011 – ”Colouring the Grey – State of Mind”, curator Cosmin Nãsui, The Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, IL (book)
2011 – ”Post Humanism”, curator Cosmin Nãsui, Pecherskiy Gallery, (former V-Art Gallery), Moscow, RU
2011- ”Colouring the Grey”, curator Cosmin Nãsui, special Projects section, 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Artplay Design Centre, Moscow, RU (book)
2011 – Figure IN/OUT, LC Foundation, Bucharest, RO
2011 – Corpul Supravegheat, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, Romania
2010 – ”Un Regard Autre”, Farideh Cadot, Paris, FR
2010 -  ”Al treilea 6”, Dan Raul Pintea, Lea Rasovszky și Bogdan Rață, Little Yellow Studio, Bucharest, RO
2010 – Buy What You Love, Rema Hort Mann Foundation, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, USA
2009 – Capturing Gil-Gulim II, Slag Gallery, New York, USA
2009 – About Bodies, Jecza Gallery, Timisoara, RO
2009 – ”Young Democracy, Young Art”, Triade Interart Foundation, Jecza Gallery, 20 Years After Romanian Revolution, Timisoara, RO
2009 – Atelier in tranzitie, Alb-Negru, The Night of the Galleries, Bucharest, RO
2009 – Panorama de l’art roumain, Drouot- Montaigne, Paris, FR
2008 – Against All Odds, Slag Gallery, New York, USA
2008 – International Experimental Engraving Biennale, Palatele Brancovenesti, Mogoșoaia, RO
2007 – Visual Eurobarometer, Vecinity, National Museum of Contemporary Art, ¾ Gallery, Bucharest, RO

2012 - „HandGun”, Piaţa Presei Libere, Bucharest, RO
2008 – Monumental Work, Triade Sculpture Park, Timisoara, RO
2007 – Monumental Work, Triade Sculpture Park, Timisoara, RO

2007 – ”Ex-aequo Prize”, ”Visual Eurobarometer. Vecinity”, offered by the International Center for Contemporary Art, Bucharest
2005 – ”The Excellence Prize” by the University of Arts, Timisoara
2006 – ”II. Prize, Light in Chiarroscuro Style”, offered by the Dutch Embassy

Snapshot Romania, Contemporary Artists from Romania, Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection, 2013
Personal Structures, GlobalArtAffairs Foundation, 2013
The Soft Power of the Art Market, Vellant Publishing House, 2011
Colouring the Grey – State of Mind, Vellant Publishing House, 2011
Colorând griul/Colouring the grey, Vellant Publishing House, 2011