Incorporated in DARE – programme of Documenting, Archiving, Revaluing and Exhibiting

Romeo Voinescu Archive

Historic Documents

The papers of Marcel Olinescu date from 1955 to 1980. Found within the papers are biographical material; personal and professional correspondence, writings; exhibition files; printed material; photographs.

Personal Archives

Beside artworks, Nasui collections include personal archives from the following artists and art historians: Petre Abrudan, Paul Atanasiu, Octavian Barbosa, Paul Bortnovschi, Vasile Celmare, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Petre Comarnescu, Viorica Dene, Hedda Sterne.


Archives are incorporated in DARE – programme of Documenting, Archiving, Revaluing and Exhibiting.

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Arhiva Romeo Voinescu

inventarul documentelor

Expozitia Anuala de Grafica, 1957, Sala Dalles, București

Cataloage expoziții colective – Arhiva Romeo Voinescu


Claude Aubry, Agouhanna, povestea unui mic indian, Ed Ion Creangă, 1980

Cărți ilustrate – Arhiva Romeo Voinescu


Romeo Voinescu, Schite 3, 29x21 cm, tus, laviu, carioci, pix pe hartie

Grafică, ilustrație de carte și proiecte design

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All projects presented within PostModernism Museum are not merely objects exhibited but thoroughly documented initiatives.


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