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Nasui Collection is an independent organization that collects and supports modern and contemporary art and artists.

Nasui Collection (based in Bucharest, Romania, Europe) has exhibited extensively in museums, galleries, cultural centres and public spaces including: Manifesta St. Petersburg 2014, Venice Biennale 2013 – Palazzo Bembo, Independents Liverpool Biennial 2012 – St. George’s Hall Liverpool (UK), 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art – ARTPLAY Design Centre Moscow (RU), Artists’ House Tel Aviv (IL), Gallery 21 Moscow (RU), Dorothy’s Gallery – the American Cultural Centre Paris (FR), Varfok Galeria Budapest (HU), BRD – Societe Generale Paris (FR), Mogosoaia Palace International Cultural Centre (RO), V-Art/Pechersky Gallery Moscow (RU), Artex Foundation Bucharest (RO), National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest (RO), Brukenthal National Museum Sibiu (RO).

Curated exhibitions, since 2010, here.

The collection offers a selection of publications: books, catalogues and brochures, that feature prominent exhibitions, artists portfolios and comprehensive theoretical research.

Gabriel Kelemen - Cymatics when Sound meets Substance (11) Nasui collection & gallery’s artists have been acquired by private collections. The gallery acts as a cultural operator, presenting the most important creations of a carefully selected pool of Eastern European contemporary artists, within favourable international and national contexts. It circulates artworks within national and international art markets and scenes and to contribute to the sustainable growth of the artists’ market values.

The focuses of Nasui Collection are: Historical Avant-garde; Jugendstil; Socialist realism, Propaganda in Art; Postmodernism; Contemporary Romanian Art, Neo-figurative, Speculative Realism

Cosmin Nasui, curator http://ro.linkedin.com/in/cosminnasui
Oana Ioniță Nasui, cultural manager // communication consultant http://www.linkedin.com/in/oananasui

Oana si Cosmin Nasui, foto Lucian Muntean

Oana si Cosmin Nasui, foto Lucian Muntean

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Nasui Collection este un operator cultural care colecționează și susține artiști moderni și contemporani. Promovează cultural și investițional artiști care lucrează în artele vizuale: pictură, sculptură, fotografie, performance. Nasui Collection se deschide în decembrie 2010 și are proiecte în diverse contexte culturale prestigioase cum ar fi Bienala de artă contemporană de la Moscova 2011, Casa Artiștilor Tel Aviv, Centrul Cultural Palatele Brâncovenești Mogoșoaia, Varfok Galeria Budapesta, Centrul American de Artă Dorothy Paris sau Independents Liverpool Biennial la St. George’s Hall Liverpool.


Cosmin Nasui http://ro.linkedin.com/in/cosminnasui
Oana Ioniță Nasui, project manager // communication&sales consultant http://www.linkedin.com/in/oananasui
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Oana si Cosmin Nasui, foto Claudiu Popescu

Oana si Cosmin Nasui, foto Claudiu Popescu