Incorporated in DARE – programme of Documenting, Archiving, Revaluing and Exhibiting

Puia Hortensia Masichievici Mișu Archive

Historic Documents

The papers of Puia Hortensia Masichivici Mișu date from 1940 to 2010. Biographical material; personal and professional correspondence, including documents from Partenie Masichievici father of the artist, writings; exhibition files; printed material; photographs.

Personal Archives

Beside artworks, collections include personal archives from the following artists and art historians: Petre Abrudan, Paul Atanasiu, Octavian Barbosa, Paul Bortnovschi, Vasile Celmare, Alexandru Ciucurencu, Petre Comarnescu, Viorica Dene, Hedda Sterne.


Archives are incorporated in DARE – programme of Documenting, Archiving, Revaluing and Exhibiting.

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Puia Hortensia Masichievici Mișu – picturi în ulei, anii 40-50

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All projects presented within PostModernism Museum are not merely objects exhibited but thoroughly documented initiatives.


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Albume – Arhiva Paul Atanasiu

Albume – Arhiva Paul Atanasiu

Expozitie Paul Atanasiu, Sala Galeriilor de Arta, Bucuresti, 1967 Paul Atanasiu, expozitie, Casa centrala a armatei, 1972 Catalog Paul Atanasiu, Galeriile de Arta ale Municipiului Bucuresti, 1975 Expozitia retrospectiva Paul Atanasiu, CCES, Oficiul de expozitii,...

Albume – Arhiva Petre Abrudan

Albume – Arhiva Petre Abrudan

F Pacurariu, Petre Abrudan, Colectia Artistilor Romani din Transilvania de Nord, 1942 Expozitia retrospectiva Petre Abridan, Muzeul de Arta Cluj, 1968 Negoita Laptoiu, Muzeul de Arta din Cluj, Ed Meridiane, 1974 Expozitia retrospectiva Petre Abrudan, septembrie 1977,...