Born in 31 march 1987  Resita / Romania, lives and works in Resita & Timisoara

2009-2011 Faculty of Arts and Design, MA, Painting Department, Timisoara, Romania
2006-2009 Faculty of Arts and Design, Painting Departament, Timisoara, Romania
2002-2006 High school of Fine Arts “Sabin Pauta”, Resita, Romania 

2017  Dada & Bolshevik Revolution: Anniversary of 2 Cultural Revolutions, Nasui Collection & Gallery
2015  The Invisible Kids, Nasui Collection & Gallery, Bucharest
2012  Roma, Artlease, Ede, Holland
2011  Pret-a-Porrtrait, Atelier 030202, Bucuresti, Romania
2009  Stories from the Road, Jecza Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

2016  Bucharest stories, Oslo Intercultural Museum, Norway
2012  Metamorfose, Artlease, Cultura, Ede, Holland
2011  Delights, Atelier in tranzitie #4, Bucuresti, Romania
2011  Spazi Aperti, Esperienza Estetica, Accademia di Romania, Italy, Roma
2011  The other body, Victoria Art Gallery, Bucuresti, Romania
2011  In the chore of things, Museum of Art Cluj & Calina Gallery Timişoara, Romania
2010  20 years Anniversary Faculty of Arts and Design, Calina Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2010  Vizual Arts Show, Museum of Art, Timisoara, Romania
2010  Art is lifestyle, Jecza Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2010  Kleur Bekennen, Artlease Gallery, Utrecht, Holland
2010  Portrait, Triade Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2010  Need of Entropy, Pygmalion Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2010  In the chore of things, Calina Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2010  rEvolution, Carturesti, Studentfest, Timisoara, Romania
2009  Student Studio, U A P, Baia Mare, Romania
2009  Color and Identity, Pro Armia Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2009  Gathering, Pygmalion Gallery, Timisoara, Romania

2012 Nominated at V Premio Internacional De Artes Plasticas Fundacion Maria Jose Jove Bienal, A Coruña, Spain
2012  Nominated at Strabag Artaward International, Vienna
2010 2nd prize at The Juventus Awards Portrait Painting Contest, offered by The Interart Triade Foundation Timisoara, Romania

Early YearsPostModernism Museum Publishing House, 2014
Snapshot Romania, Contemporary Artists from Romania, Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection 2013
1mp Arta Contemporana, 2009