Early years  Artists: Cristian Todie, Daniel Brici, Anca Danila, Francisc Chiuariu, Radu Belcin, Flavia Pitis Early Years is a curatorial project produced by Nasui collection & gallery presenting the beginnings of some creative journeys of six contemporary artists. Early Years can emphase the chronology of life, of a particular creation period, of subjects or of ideas. What is also linking the approaches of these six artists presented hereby is their care for a specific subject: habits in particular contexts. Habits are states of mind, of things, of environments, that take different shapes and eventually get fixed during a person’s existence, influencing behaviour and decision, like when you get addicted to video games and get coaching for them. The project is accompanied by a book published at PostModernism Museum Publishing House Format: square 7×7 in, 18×18 cm, 60 pages Full color, paper back or hard cover – dust jacket ISBN-10: 1320102204 ISBN-13: 978-1320102209 Place order on Amazon.  Early-YearsMore: cosmin@cosminnasui.com