Flavia Pitis’ art explores issues of identity and isolation. Her painting does not have the function to represent reality, but to make present what is missing in reality. Most times, Flavia Pitiș realizes this by isolating the subject and his confrontation with the loneliness of the chiaroscuro. Darkness introduces the immaterial, but sensitive forms of expecting something indefinable and outlines the aura of a mysterious presence. The universe of Flavia Pitis’ actions unfolds in rooms without natural light. Painted by using the chiaroscuro technique, these works present actions that seem to be condemned by being made in the dark. In particular, this dark background creates the opportunity for the appearance of glows, flashes and reflexes. There is nothing else to help define space than the shadow cast by the human figure.

1978 – born in Făgăraș, RO lives and works in Brasov, RO

EDUCATION 1997-2002 National University of Fine Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu”, Bucharest, RO

2004 – research scholarship on image theory, Firenze, IT
2001 – workshop of scenography and light, Moving Academy for Performing Arts, Amsterdam and Toaca Cultural Foundation – Toaca Contemporary Art Studio
2000-2001 – classes at the Faculty of Comunication and Public Relations “David Ogilvy” Bucharest SOLO & GROUP

2014 – “Landscape over time” @ Oxholm Gallery, Copenhaga
2014 – “Back into Illusion” @ Várfok Gallery, Budapest
2013-2014 – ”The Essences of Reality”, Central & Eastern European contemporary artists in an itinerant exhibition, Brukenthal Museum Sibiu, RO
2013 – End of Empires, February 2013, Corke Gallery, Liverpool, UK
2012 – The Essences of Reality, Hungarian and Romanian contemporary artists in an itinerant exhibition, Várfok Gallery, Budapest, HU
2012 – “Colouring the Grey – State of Body”, curator Cosmin Năsui, Liverpool Biennial Independents 2012, UK (catalogue)
2012 – “Sacrifice Generation”, curator Cosmin Năsui, Societe Generale, Paris, FR
2012 – “Romania in Paris”, curator Cosmin Năsui, American Center for the Arts, Dorothy’s Gallery, Paris, FR
2011 – “Colouring the Grey – State of Mind”, curator Cosmin Năsui, The Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, IL (book)
2011 – Europe Gallery, Brasov, RO
2010 – ARTmART, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, AT
2010 – “Looking through the mirror” Art Museum, Brasov, RO (with Radu Belcin)
2009 – The Mediterranean Olive Grove, Olivepress Art Factory, Crete, GR
2009 – Normandia Business Center, Brasov, RO
2008 – BP Portrait Award, National Gallery, London, UK
2008-2009 – BP Portrait Tour Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Aberdeen Art Gallery, UK, Aberystwyth Arts Center, Wales

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