Flavia PITIŞ
Back into Illusion

Latest body of work

1012 Budapest, Várfok St. 14.
WEDNESDAY, January 22, 2014 | between 6.30 and 8.30 p.m.

The exhibition is open: 23.01. – 02.22.2014, Tuesday-Saturday between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

© text: Várfok Gallery

Once again a young foreign artist will have the opportunity to use the experimental venue of Várfok Gallery, the Várfok Project Room to show her most recent works in the confines of an individual exhibition.

Flavia Pitiş was born in 1978 in Făgăraş (RO), did her studies at the Grigorescu National University of Arts Bucharest between 1997 and 2002, followed, amongst other study projects, by a research scholarship in Florence (IT) in 2004. The Hungarian public first encountered Pitiş’ paintings in 2012, in the group exhibition of “Essences of Reality” held by Várfok Gallery, Budapest, in collaboration with Nasui Gallery, Bucharest, of which exhibition the latest stop was visible at the Brukenthal Museum at Sibiu (RO).

The painterly art of Pitiş mainly feeds from memories: personal past and the formulation of the flow of self-identity receives a significant place, she frequently losing herself in the excavation of her own memories and experience that she transforms into the language of painting, placing it into a timeless plane, an imaginary, parallel dimension, thus creating a free pass (not only for herself) into imaginary and real dimensions. She frequently plays with the idea of creating illusion out of reality, and reality out of illusion.

The artworks of Pitiş, painted in recent years, are still characterised by a darkly toned language: the viewer receives a way into a timeless dimension, into which space one arrives with the feeling of uncertainty. The phantasmal shapes of Pitiş take form without any geographical base, taken out of their original context.

In her latest works, the young Romanian artist places herself into the flow of real events, framing the possible outcomes of the unilaterally appearing possibilities. Intense, unsettling, sometimes nearly vertinously thick stratification awaits the brave visitor in this “untouchable reality”. With time, however, the layers slowly flake off from each other, letting their subject go, they set free the joint, enwreathed, what is
more, fused elements. For Pitiş the sensible reality is getting interpreted differently by the understanding of every individual, meaning there “can not be” a homogenously definable “reality”, furthermore, every single decision enacts a unique “script”, which again surfaces new “real” aspects, supplementing the putative, factual dimension. Thus the painter fuses a process into a single plane, joining the interaction of
two realities, which in the aspects of time and space overlap each other, eating up the elements of organic life.

Before being exhibited in Budapest, the artworks of Flavia Pitiş were visible among others at the 2012 Liverpool Biennial (Colouring the Grey), and in the near future, in the spring of 2014, are to be shown in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of an individual exhibition.

The exhibition is organised in partnership with Nasui Gallery, Bucharest (RO).

Flavia Pitis, Artificial history 2013, oil on canvas, 120x140cm

Flavia Pitis, Artificial history 2013, oil on canvas, 120x140cm