Vladimir Șetran

Born on 23rd March 1935 in Dancauti, Hotin.

Graduate of the Art Institute, year 1959, class of professor Ion Marşic
Participates since 1957 at various exhibitions in Romania and abroad
Since 1964 he teaches at the Art Academy and is a professor at the National Art University of Bucharest since 1990. Author of parietal and monumental works, sculptures and tapestries.

His works are exhibited in museums and art collection in Romania, as well as in France, Austria, Germany, USA, Turkey, Lebanon, UK, etc.


1964 – First prize of U.A.P. for painting
1984 – First prize of U.A.P. for monumental art
1988 – Special prize of U.A.P.
1994 – Prize for design of U.A.P.
2001 – U.A.P. prize for ambient – installation
2005 – Prize of Radio Romania Cultural
2007 – U.A.P. prize for excellencies granted to 8 Art + group
2008 – Ministery of Culture prize for Visual Arts granted to 8 Art + group


Medal “Meritul Cultural”
Medal “Serviciul Credincios” at the rang of knight
Medal “Meritul pentru Invatamant” at the rang of commander


List of Exhibition:

1957 State’s Annual
1958 Republican Exhibition
1959 Youth People Exhibition
1959 Group Exhibition in “Grivita Rosie” Engine Works Bucharest
1959 State Exhibition
1960 Plastic Art Exhibition – Bucharest
1961 Exhibition of porters, painting, sculpture
1962 Youth People Exhibition
1963 Graphics Annual Exhibition
1963 Regional Art Exhibition in Dalles Hall Bucharest
1963 Retrospect Exhibition
1963 Youth People


1963 Bucharest City Exhibition
1964 XX years Exhibition from Liberation
1964 Graphics Annual Exhibition
1965 Bucharest City Exhibition
1965 Biennale Paris Youth Exhibition
1965 Group Exhibition Le Havre, France
1965 One man show gallery “Du Passeur”, Paris
1965 I rst UAP Price for painting
1965 Delta Dunarii Museum, Tulcea, Romania
1966 One man show gallery “Despyès” Paris
1966 Retrospective Exhibition for Party Anniversary 1921 – 1966
1966 Group Exhibition “Plastics and poetry”
1966 Biennale painting and sculpture Exhibition
1967 International A.I.A.P. Exhibition Tokyo
1967 Annual graphics Exhibition
1967 Spring Saloon
1967  “Colocviului Brancusi” Exhibition
1967 “Colocviului Brancusi” Exhibition, Galati
1967 Youth Biennale Bratislava
1967 Group Exhibition Memphis U.S.A. gallery Win Oates
1967 History and Ethnography Museum, Alba Iulia
1968 World youth poster Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
1968 Frankfurt is Main Young Romanian Artists


1968 Applied graphic Exhibition ’68
1968 Romanian Artist Exhibition in Prague
1968 Graphic Publicity Exhibition in Bratislava
1968 Medal “Ordinul Cultural”
1968 Group Exhibition, Orly, France
1969 Romanian art Exhibition in Tel-Aviv
1969 Group Exhibition in Torino
1969 Festive Exhibition for XXV Anniversary
1969 Bucharest City Painting and Sculpture Saloon
1969 Collective Exhibition in Apollo Gallery: Bernea – Bitzan – Şetran
1969 Group Exhibition in Haga – Holland
1969 Festive Romanian Art Exhibition in Titograd
1969 Romanian Art Exhibition in Moscova – Talin – Riga
1969 Group Exhibition in Warsaw
1969 Project: Metal Panel “Decorating central hall of Romanian Television Post”, Ion Bitzan and Vladimir Setran
1969 Stained Glass for Romanian Television Post’s Hall, Ion Bitzan &Vladimir Setran 64 mp
1970 Group Exhibition Linköping, Sweden
1970 Graphic Exhibition
1970 Painting and Sculpture Exhibition
1970 Group Exhibition in Torino, Italy
1970 International Exhibition “Victory against fascism” in Warsaw
1970 “Europolis” 8s International Graphics Exhibition in Vienna
1971 Semi centenary PCR Exhibition
1971 Painting and Sculpture Saloon, Dalles Hall, Bucharest
1971 Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas; Tronp Gallery, Dallas, Texas “Contemporary Miniature Exhibition”
1971 Young people Club “Ecran Club”
1971 Politico-administrative Palace Vaslui, Romania
1971  Painting and sculpture Saloon
1971 International Festival Edinburgh Gallery R. Demarco
1972  Romanian Decorative Arts Exhibition in Budapest, Hungary
1972 XXV anniversary of Romanian republic
1973 Romanian Contemporary painting Exhibition in Moscova, Rusia
1973 Wood tapestry and sculpture Exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia
1973 Romanian Art Exhibition in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic
1973 Romanian Painting Exhibition – Ulan Bator
1973 Romanian Contemporary Painting Exhibition in Beijing; Phenian
1973 “Contemporary Artist and his Universe “in Galati Museum, Romania
1973 Ceiling, Metal Relief 130 mp; Youth Athenaeum, Ion Bitzan & Vladimir Setran
1973 Romanian Contemporary Painting in South America
1973 Exhibition “40 de ani de la luptele muncitorilor ceferisti si petrolisti 15-16 Febr. 1933”
1973 Republican Saloon of drawing and engraving
1973 “125 years from 1848 Revolution” Exhibition
1973 “Ipostaze “Exhibition; ambient, landscape, monumental art, “Galeria Noua” Gallery
1974 Group Exhibition R.F.G.
1974 Romanian Plastic Art, Berlin – East, Germany
1974 Romanian Painting Exhibition, Grosgon
1974 Contemporary Romanian Painting Exhibition in Warsaw
1974 Tapestries and sculpture Exhibition in Moscova and Vilnius
1974 Exhibition for the XI’s congress of PCR
1974 “Dalles” Hall Painting and Sculpture City Saloon
1974 Festive Exhibition “30 years from Liberation”
1975 “30 victories years” Exhibition in Moscova and Berlin
1975 XX’s anniversary from Romania’s fascism domination liberation
1975 Annual Painting and Sculpture Exhibition
1975 “The seasons” 4 wool tapestries 250 x 310 cm each one
1975 Woman Exhibition in “Galeria Noua” Gallery
1975 “Dalles” Hall Painting and Sculpture City Saloon
1975 IV International engraving and Miniatures Exhibition in United States of America
1976 Socialist Countries Exhibition in Prague
1976 Annual painting and sculpture Exhibition in Dalles Hall, Bucharest
1976 Thoroughfare’s of the socialism Exhibition
1976 Plastic Art Exhibition
1976 Homage for Socialist Country Exhibition
1977 Exhibition 1907
1977 Republican Plastic Art Exhibition
1977 Ambient works for young people station Costinesti and Gura Vaii, together with Ion Bitzan
1977 Romanian Independence Centenary 1877-1977 Exhibition
1977 Art Museum City Saloon
1978 Republican Exhibition of teachers
1978 Annual Republican Exhibition of painting and sculpture
1978 Group Exhibition in Greece
1978 Socialism Thoroughfare Exhibition
1978 Bucharest City Painting and Sculpture Saloon
1979 Annual Art Exhibition
1979  Pontica – Constanta
1979 “Cantarea Romaniei” Exhibition
1980 One man show in Los Angeles, USA, gallery D.K.S.
1981 Bucharest Military Museum Exhibition; historical themes, al secco
1982 Bucharest City Exhibition in Dalles Hall
1982 Constanta Military Museum, “Luptele de la Marasesti”
1983 One man show in “Galeria artei” gallery, Bucharest
1984  Pontica – Constanta
1988 International Asian-European art biennale, Ankara
1992 Group Exhibition in Eisenstadt, Austria
1992 Group Exhibition in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
1993 Group Exhibition in Argentan, France
2000 One man show, Dalles Hall, Bucharest
2001 ArtTuborg Bucharest
2002 ArtTuborg Constanta
2002 Group Exhibition in Vienna, Austria
2003 Fitting out of Bucharest International Tourism Fair for spring/summer
2003 Fitting out of Bucharest International Tourism Fair for winter, Prestige Company
2003 Painting Exhibition in Assemblage Gallery
2004 One man show Paintings and Drawings, Palatul Brancovenesc, Mogosoaia
2005 Group Exhibition, “Portret”, Palatul Brancovenesc, Mogosoaia
2005 Painting Exhibition in Korea
2005 Exhibition and Installation in Scorteni, Romania
2005 One man show in Bistrita, Romania
2005 One man show in Dej, Romania
2005 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Bucharest Literature Museum
2005 Exhibition “Apollo” hall design
2006 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Bistrita, Romania
2006 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Cluj Art Museum, Romania
2006 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Eforie Nord, Romania
2006 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Constanta Art Museum
2007 Bruxelles Cultural Center Exhibition
2007 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Paris Cité de’l Art
2007 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Lisabona Cultural Institute
2007 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Madrid
2007 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Patros, Grecia
2007 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Alba Iulia, Romania
2007 Exhibition in Cisnadioara Citadel, Sibiu – European Capital of Culture
2007 One man show in Veroniki Art gallery
2008 Group Exhibition 8 Art+, Dalles Hall
2008 Drawing Exhibition in Simeza Gallery – U.N.A. teachers
2008 Group Exhibition ‘60 – ’70 Veroniki Art Bucharest Gallery
2008 Art Fair Dalles Hall
2008 Exhibition in Beijing, China
2008 / 2009 “Dana mother daughter Ana” Exhibition in Veroniki Art Bucharest Gallery
2009 Group Exhibition 8 Art+ in Galati Visual Art Museum, Romania