Henry Mavrodin b.1937 is a Romanian painter, designer, essayist and university teacher

Mavrodin is an exceptional vis-a vis the distinctive characteristics of contemporary Romanian painting, being an example of independence from the current trends, or to be more precise, the latest fashions in art today. He is a painter that loves solitude and calm, and to find these he took refuge in a corner of the island of Murano, that is in a place particularly favourable to viewing and revienwing the inner side of the pictures of his own dreams. For the paintings of Mavrodin are composed of dreams from outside time, reconstructed in the space of the painting, with the technical authority worthy of an old Fleming (…) Among the multiple aspects of the multiple revival of figurative realism, the magical evocations of Mavrodin’s painting deserve to be considered in a light of their own for their solitude and the quality of the authentic poetic vocation. – Giuseppe Marchiori’s art piece of text Mavrodin Exhibition Catalogue Henry Mavrodin, Il Traghetto Gallery, Venice, March 1973, reproduced in Henry Mavrodin album ICR Publishing 2007, page 89