Paul Erdöș (1916 – 1987)
The engraving is part of the series “Viața Nouă în Oas ” / “New Life in Oas ” for which Paul Erdos received the State Prize of the Romanian People’s Republic in 1962.

Born on 2 November 1916 in Hurezul Mare, Satu Mare, Paul Erdos will continue his studies in Baia Mare (1930-1933), Budapest (1937), Paris (1938 ) and Italy (1938). Since 1930 he exhibited in: Moscow, Budapest , Riga , Lugano, Prague, Berlin, Cairo, among others.

„Another vigorous artist is Paul Erdöș whose drawings, combining a trend towards the decorative with elements of monumental, successfully evoke characteristic types of Transylvanian peasants – men rugged and unyielding as the forces of Nature” – The Fine Arts in the Rumanian People’s Republic, Meridians Publishing House, 1961