Gheorghe Ivancenco 1914-1979

He graduated the Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest, studied with Francisc Şirato (1938) and after with Simion Luca (1946-1949).
In 1954 Gheorghe Ivancenco exhibitied at Venice Biennale.
In 1958 Gheorghe Ivancenco was awarded with UAP Prize for Engraving.

„Gheorghe Ivancenco has successfully dedicated himself to city scenes and especially to aspects of industrial centeres which today are developing apace. His recent linocuts show a trend towards simplified expression, towards a language free of all superflous accessories; this trend is manifest in various graphic genres as well as in thematic composition in painting. Where this is successful – which in out view is often the case – it produces a clarity and expressivity of composition and line which constitutes one of the essential traits of graphiuc art in general” – The Fine Arts in the Rumanian People’s Republic, Meridians Publishing House, 1961