Solo sculpture show Felix Deac, produced by Nasui collection & gallery

Felix Deac – solo show ”Tribute to prostrated nature”

Felix Deac’s artworks are the results of real lab researches, where the study of art meets the one of chemistry. The materials Deac uses in sculpture are in fact compounds of chemical substances mixed in chain reactions in order to obtain, through vulcanization, casting or stratified interventions, new organic forms able to compete both reality and the power representing nature through art.

The hyper realistic sculpture of Felix Deac unfolds along 6 years of research and embodies two series of works: ”Artificial Life” and ”Plastic Existence”. The artworks from Artificial (2010-2013) succeed in creating new morphologies of organisms or own-life grafts, from chemically made skin and hair. The series Plastic (2013-2016) contains works where Deac investigates the alteration of human physiognomy and body and then deepens the research into anatomical, both in textures and in structures.

Felix Deac (b. 1984) studied at Cluj-Napoca University for Art and Design, graduating a PhD in sculpture there and developping an international route with personal exhibitions in Romania, Italy and Germany.