New Materia, sculpture installation by Nasui collection & gallery Romania at the 10th anniversary edition of Contemporary Istanbul 10th anniversary.  


10th anniversary Contemporary Istanbul

Istanbul Congress Centre and the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC)
Mete Cad. Yeni Apt. No:10/11, 34437 Taksim, İstanbul, Turkey
November 12-15, 2015 // 11:00 a.m. – 20:00 p.m.


Nasui collection & gallery is an independent organization that supports contemporary art and artists from Romania internationally. It presents premium creations of a carefully selected pool of Romanian contemporary artists, within favourable international and national contexts. It promotes, cultural and investment wise, artists who work in contemporary visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography, performance, research and innovation. Nasui collection & gallery opens in 2010 in Bucharest, Romania and co-produces international projects within prestigious cultural spaces and contexts, as Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2011, Liverpool Biennale 2012 and 2014, Venice Biennale 2013 or Manifesta St. Petersburg 2014. Over the past five years, Nasui Collection & Gallery has co-produced over 45 exhibitions internationally, providing exclusive opportunities to engage with Romanian art to various audiences from France, UK, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Russia, Israel, Romania, Switzerland, Italy and US.

The curated booth of Nasui collection & gallery at Contemporary Istanbul 2015 presents a sculpture installation by trio artists Rata/Kelemen/Badarau. It is the second time Nasui is selected as the only Romanian gallery participating in CI.

Theme: New Materia

One of the most interesting genres of the entire field of Romanian creativity is sculpture. Starting from the late XIX century, sculpture has been having a powerful and important tradition in Romania, developing several major key artists in global terms, such as Constantin Brancusi or Paul Neagu. For the last decades, Romanian contemporary sculpture has extended in many original and interesting ways, from cymatics to design, from new unconventional materials to public social art.

In many ways, the intersection between expressing a concept or an idea with the need of objectivity and form is the result of a perfect ideal match in art. For many reasons, an opinion needs power to be represented in a strong, physical way and sculpture can deliver this request for the best.

Within the curated show ”New Materia”, some of the newest approaches in this genre from a trio of Romanian sculptors will be revealed, with different focuses, from materials to concepts.

Bogdan Rata – the sculptural superstition

Rata’s artworks disclose a certain type of flux which goes beyond the present reality, with its effects being enhanced in a primitive, almost religious way. Integrated as installations and made in relation to different raw, natural elements, the sculptures of Bogdan Rata create balancing to and fro meanings, from future science to dark magic and back.

Gabriel Kelemen – the Cymatics sculpture

After a unique recipe, Kelemen induces and maintains standing waves on carefully selected liquid corpus, invisibly shaping them. The metamorphoses of the liquid matter traversed by vibrant energy reveal dynamic patterns symmetries. Kelemen’s sculptures are actually the result of ”freezing” the liquids’ movements and energetic vectors in certain volumetrical stages, during long generative progresses. The evolution of these essential mathematical entities reveals marvellous and unexpected processes of the organic life and organic nature.

Catalin Badarau – trembling bronze sculpture

”Badarau’s works of art are small monuments of human suffering that remind us the absurdness of the human condition. Badarau’s story must be told, while it belongs to the Romanian consciousness. Badarau is part of the last generation of Romanians that suffered under communism. To make these artworks, he had to confront his past and get even with this period of time. This tells his story of the true need to make these works of art.” (Hanna Grobbe) 

Producer: Nasui collection & gallery

Artists: Rata/Kelemen/Badarau

Name: New Materia

With the support of: The Romanian Cultural Institute, Tarom


Contemporary Istanbul (CI) features the best in contemporary art in Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and. It is a rendezvous not to be missed, offering opportunities not just to discover the extraordinary city of Istanbul and its young, vibrant art scene, but to consider the future of contemporary art. 

With 102 galleries from 24 countries, the fair celebrates its 10th anniversary by presenting the latest, most avant-garde developments in the contemporary art scene worldwide.

CI has around 80.000 visitors per edition and promotes its vision, being amongst the first 5 contemporary art fairs in the world. During 2015, for this anniversary edition, CI has already presented its vision and partners in 16 cities, 15 countries, travelled over 178,480 kilometres for 21 international events, coming together with 1250 collectors, 540 galleries, 83 members of the press and 138 art institutions and museum directors.