Nasui collection & Gallery presenting contemporary Romanian sculpture approaches, within Contemporary Istanbul 2014

9th Contemporary Istanbul
Istanbul Congress Centre and the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC)

November 12-16 2014
11:00 a.m. – 20:00 p.m.


Nasui collection & gallery is an independent organization that supports contemporary art and artists from Romania internationally. It presents premium creations of a carefully selected pool of Romanian contemporary artists, within favourable international and national contexts. It promotes, cultural and investment wise, artists who work in contemporary visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography, performance, research and innovation. Nasui collection & gallery opens in 2010 in Bucharest, Romania and co-produces international projects within prestigious cultural spaces and contexts, as Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art 2011, Liverpool Biennale 2012 and 2014, Venice Biennale 2013 or Manifesta 2014. Over the past four years, Nasui Collection & Gallery has co-produced over 35 exhibitions internationally, providing exclusive opportunities to engage with Romanian art to various audiences from France, UK, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Russia, Israel, Italy.

Booth at Contemporary 2014 presents contemporary Romanian sculpture approaches

Artists: Gabriel Kelemen, Cristian Todie, Bogdan Rata

Gabriel Kelemen – researcher in Cymatics, sculptor and teacher

This year a special emphasis of Contemporary Istanbul is being given to sound. Gabriel Kelemen uses a transdisciplinary comprehensive approach to nonlinear phenomena in fluids induced by acoustic stimulation. Sound visualization is one of the ancestral human dreams. Capturing the image of the ephemeral sound still concerns scientific environments. Almost everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. The influence of acoustic waves fields on liquids reveals striking morpho-dynamic conformations as a response of the fluid permeated by sound waves that induce and maintain standing waves, invisibly shaping the carefully selected liquid corpus.

Gabriel Kelemen is presented at Contemporary Istanbul 2014 with sculptures in different materials, digigraphies and video.

Bogdan Rata – PhD in new materials in contemporary sculpture

Bogdan Rata is a sculptor from the young generation of the artists. His new hybrid realism is finding new genetic forms of human anatomy in search of a new posthumanism. His work reproduces “replicas of reality” reminiscent of the virtual world. The materials used, and the resulting industrial look, question the assault on individual personality in a climate of commercial branding uniformity.

Bogdan Rata is presented at Contemporary Istanbul 2014 with conte pastel drawings and medium sized sculptures, using materials like synthetic resin, industrial paint, metal.

Cristian Todie – the founder of Theoretical Art, inventor and artist

In 1977 he observed that having a vision based on the three existing dimensions and the singular dimension of time would prevent me from developing a truly new and original work. To tie the world of general relativity to the quantum universe, physics theories add new dimensions to the four existing dimensions in order to open new horizons. In search of new artistic matter, he adopted the opposite method, that of reducing the number of dimensions.

In the hopes of going back to the origins of these forms and volumes, the mathematical memory of this mass provides for experimental manipulations that, through spatial fractures, projects the original object into another space, that of a parallel reality.

This medium, provided by the printing industry, once intelligently folded or sliced, allows for the image and original forms to reappear in refractions, reflections and volumetric anamorphoses.  The works resulting from this process help spectators become accustomed to a new mathematic vision.

Cristian Todie is presented at Contemporary Istanbul 2014 with spatial-fractured paper works and performances.



Oana Nasui, project manager

004 0730 040 514

Contemporary Istanbul features the best in contemporary art in Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and. It is a rendezvous not to be missed, offering opportunities not just to discover the extraordinary city of Istanbul and its young, vibrant art scene, but to consider the future of contemporary art.  With 108 galleries and 520 artists from 23 countries the fair also proudly includes a unique “Plugin media section” that explores the latest, most avant-garde developments in the contemporary art scene worldwide.

Simultaneous with CI, Art Istanbul Art Week is a week-long celebration of contemporary art that runs throughout Istanbul, with participating events from institutions, cultural centers, museum and galleries. Along with this year’s Istanbul Design Biennial these two events bring the entire city to life for a wide international audience.