Mihai Zgondoiu, The Team 2, 2009, india ink and pencil on cardboard, 21,5 X 19 cm

Mihai Zgondoiu was born on 5th of February 1982, in Medias, district of Sibiu, Romania. He has a BA and MA in Graphic Design and Printmaking at Timisoara Art University.

Visual artist working with: drawing, collage, photography, video-installation, performance, urban art. 2008, Co-Curator of IEEB 3 (International Experimental Printmaking Biennale). Beginning with 2009 he coordinates and curates projects at ATELIER 030202 – contemporary art space. Starting with 2012 he is co-curator at geamMAT Gallery, Timisoara Art Museum. UAP member, working on his PhD thesis at UNArte – Bucharest University of Art.

Solo shows (selection):

2013 The Artist’s Golden Hand, Aiurart Contemporary Art Space, Bucharest [RO]
2012 Break Body, Art Museum, Timisoara [RO]
Break Body, Atelier 030202 Gallery, Bucharest [RO]
The Artist’s Golden Hand, The Contemporary Art Gallery of Brukenthal
National Museum, – Office exhibition, Sibiu [RO]
2011 Lenin’s Sleep, Square Press (Project 1990), Bucharest [RO]
2010 Freedom As A Visual Pattern, Hampden Gallery- Incubator Art Space Amherst, Massachusetts [USA]
2009 Me Matrix, Calina Gallery, Timisoara [RO]
2008 ME, The Contemporary Art Gallery of Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu [RO]

Action / Performance:

2011 The Red Line, CNDB, Bucharest [RO]
The Red Carpet, Schlooss Museum courtyard, Linz [AT]
2009 Flight 20, Revolution Square, Timisoara [RO]
Soviet Puppets, The “Brancovan Palaces” Cultural Center, Mogosoaia [RO]
Fifty-Six End Stories, The “Brancovan Palaces” Cultural Center, Mogosoaia [RO]
Kitsch-Me Anniversary, ParadisGarage / Bucharest [RO]
Stamped Me, Calina Gallery, Timisoara [RO]
2008 Manole From Bobald, Bobald, Carei [RO]
Kitsch-Me, Transitional Studio Gallery, Bucharest [RO]
2006 Wanted For…, Papillon Gallery, Timisoara [RO]
Group projects / exhibitions (selection):
2013 Konfrontation VI, Galerie 3, Klagenfurt [AT]
Episode 3, Work in progress, Cyclops Parking, Bucharest [RO]
Eaters Night Video Art #4, Studio Arte, Bucharest [RO]
Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler, Old Town, Bucharest [RO]
2012 Barrique Art II, Art Museum, Timisoara [RO]
Motion/Emotion, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest [RO]
Xylograph-Matrix Stylistics VI, Visual Art Museum, Galati [RO]
Art Book Installation, Transitional Studio Gallery V, Bucharest [RO]
Cranium. About Life & Death, Vatra Collective, Bucharest [RO]
2011 Fur & Skin, ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest [RO]
Meeting Point II, International Biennial Arad [RO]
silenceKills ,ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest [RO]
FeminitARTE, ArtYourself Gallery, Bucharest [RO]
The other Body, Victoria ArtCenter, Bucharest [RO]
In the chore of things, Art Museum, Cluj [RO]
Figure In. Figure Out, Contemporary Art Centre, Bucharest [RO]