Laszlo Gyorffy1976

born in Budapest, Hungary




Studio of Young Artists’ Association


studies painting at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
Solo exhibitions:


The Devil in the DNA, King St. Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár


Eat Your Mind / Bruins Blurps, Platan Gallery, Budapest (with Tomasz Mróz)


The Death of Body Parts, Várfok Gallery – Várfok Hall, Budapest (H)


“I don’t Give Thanks for Taking Part in Creation”Studio Gallery, Budapest (H)

“The seves cardinal sins” Várfok Gallery Várfok Hall, Budapest (H)


“Traversée Interne,” with Zsuzsi Csiszér, Galerie Keller, Paris, (F)


“Two curators looking for an umbilicalcord” Várfok Gallery–XO Hall,Budapest (H)


Borderline States, Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles (Paul Pitsker-rel) (USA)


“The Anatomy of Grotesque,” Várfok Gallery-XO Hall, Budapest (H)

“The Stages of Destruction,” Deák Collection, Székesfehérvár (H)

“Analogue”  Színyei Salone, Budapest (H)


“Para , Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest (H)


“Drama( Mutants II.), Várfok Gallery,  Budapest (H)

Vízivárosi Gallery, Budapest ( with Adrián Kupcsik and Júlia Vécsei) (H)


“Mutants I,” Várfok Gallery, Budapest


“No more solitude,” Várfok Gallery –

XO Hall, Budapest (H)


“Posthuman,” Budatétényi Gallery, Budapest (H)


Bank Center Gallery, Budapest (H)


“The Meaning of Life,” Jókai Club,  Budapest (H)


Recreational Center at Almássy Square,  Budapest (H)
Selected group exhibitions:


Diving Lines, Várfok Gallery, Budapest


Face to Face, French Institute, Budapest

Organs & Extasy, Central Slovakian Gallery, Banská Bystrica

Allured by Contrasts, REÖK Palace, Szeged

Biennale JCE / Jeune Création Européenne, Galerie Im Traklhaus, Salzburg

Art Market Budapest, Millenaris Park, Budapest

The Essences of Reality, Várfok Gallery, Budapest

Biennale JCE / Jeune Création Européenne, m21 Gallery, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, Pécs

Contemporaries, Rippl-Rónai Hall, Kaposvár

JCE Biennale / Young European Artists, City Gallery, Bratislava

JCE Biennale / Young European Artists, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Hamburg

Radiospective – Nuclear Art, Studio Gallery, Budapest


JCE Biennale / Young European Artists, La Fabrique, Montrouge

Meditation Objects – A Selection of the Bodnár Collection, REÖK Palace, Szeged

Lucid Dream, Várfok Gallery, Budapest

Young Contemporary Statements, Former Bóbita Puppet Theatre, Pécs

East by South West – Portraits and Selfportraits in Private Collections, Knoll Galerie, Vienna

Paper Panorama, Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest

Dregs?, Godot Gallery, Budapest


Take a stand! Reflect on! Provoke!, Raoul Wallenberg Association, Budapest

Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.), Essen

Contemporary Tales, Galerie Keller, Paris

Doubling and Halving, Roham Gallery, Budapest

The Picture of the Painting, Virág Judit Gallery, Budapest

Relations – Who? Whom? With what?, City Gallery–Deák Collection, Székesfehérvár

Roham 3D, Roham Gallery, Budapest

Paradogma, Várfok Gallery, Budapest


Budapest Art Fair, Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest

ARTVILNIUS’09, Vilnius

Young Contemporary Statements, Zsolnay Factory, Pécs


Galéria 19, „Grotesques Stories,” Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)

“Mis-en-abyme,” Várfok Gallery XO Hall Budapest (H)

“Guests of the Várfok Gallery:A Várfok Galéria mûvészei: Zsuzsi Csiszér, László Gyõrffy and our french guest: Jacques Flechemuller”, Hungarian Institute, Paris, (F)

“From the icon to installation,” Monastery of Pannonhalma (H)

“Lenmechanika,” Ernst Museum, Budapest (H)

“50, Studio Gallery, Budapest (H)

“The Day after Yesterday,” Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest (H)

Budapest ArtFair, with the Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)


“Real- Irreal,” Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)

“East Meets West, Blink Digital,” Santa Monica (USA)

Budapest–Bukarest Bridge – Selectionfrom the Collection of Gábor Hunya, Bartók 32 Gallery, Budapest (H)

Hungarian Cultural Institute,Brussels (B)

Cologne Fine Art 2007, Cologne (D)

Budapest ArtFair, with Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)


Cologne Fine Art 2006, Cologne (D)

10th Anniversary of STRABAG Art Award, Ludwig Museum, Budapest (H)

Plug-Modern Art, Mûcsarnok, Budapest (H)

Code Blue, Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)


KUNST Köln 2005, Cologne (D)

“Undersized II.,” Várfok Gallery – Várfok Hall (H)

Pixelkunst aus Ungarn, Technische Fachhochschule, Wildau (D)

“Self ish,” Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)

“OneWeeker,” Műcsarnok, Budapest (H)

Plug Art Fair, Műcsarnok, Budapest (H)

“Ars Poetic,” Várfok Gallery – XO Hall, Budapest (H)


“Red&White,” Várfok Gallery, Budapest
“Mediafactory,” Zsolnay-factory, Pécs (H)

“Technoreal?”, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros (H)

KUNST Köln2004, Cologne (D)

“Reflection”,” Várfok Gallery, Budapest

XI. Hungarian Exhibition and Fair of Antiques, Palace of Art, Budapest (H)


ClipArt-The Fans of Photoshop, Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)

Painting Show sponsored by STRABAG, Museum of Contemporary Art-  Ludwig Museum Budapest, Budapest (H)

KUNST Köln 2003, Cologne (D)

Portrait, Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest (H)

Inellastic Collision, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaújváros (H)

Metropolis, Várfok Gallery, Budapest (H)

MEO Art Fair 2003, MEO, Budapest (H)

Baroque, VAM-Design Gallery, Budapest


KUNST Zürich 2002, Zurich, (CH)
Art Expo Fresh II., ArtMill, Szentendre (H)

Palazzo dell’ex Macello Dolo, Dolo (I)
Europa in Fürth, Fürth (D)MEO Art Fair 2002, MEO, Budapest (H)

Decades of the Realistic Portrayal, Museum of Szombathely, (H)


„Sharp,” Óbudai Társaskör Gallery, Budapest (H)

Climate, Kunsthalle, Budapest (H)

Malice et Danube, Galerie de l’Ecole Supèrieure des Beaux Arts,Marseille (F)

Counterfeiting Nature, House of the Arts, Szombathely (H)

Salon des Peintres-Salon des Artist, Paris (F)


„Free Fall”, Trafó Gallery, Budapest (H)

„Best of Illárium,” Illárium Gallery, Budapest (H)

Art Expo Fresh, ArtMill, Szentendre (H)


Works in public collections:

Strabag Collection, Budapest, Hungary
Museum Kiscell – Municipal Picture Gallery, Budapest
private collections


Hungarian Artists’ Association


Image above: Laszlo Gyorffy, Facefuck IV, 2012 – 34x25cm – ceramics, oil, courtesy Várfok Gallery