Radu Belcin catches attention by new associations of characters, or objects, in a chiaroscuro-painted atmosphere. Starting the quest from the expression of reality study, Belcin explore the identities of the individual and of the present. The frame of such visual exploration is addressed in chiaroscuro. The delight of long shadows elongating in the background, the sparks of light, coming from the scenographically designed spot lights create the atmosphere that leads to a world of dreams or nightmares. Radu Belcin crops the image of faces in “It’s Cold beneath the Moon”, “A Hand Full of Hands”, removes the elements of portrait in “Illusion of a Day”, “58 trees”, “The Wish”, hides the faces in “Perseverance”, “Can We Play”, “Evening Never Comes”, “Blowing”, “Hope Maker”, “Impossible Dreamland”, and “Full of Ideas”. The faces of the depicted characters cannot be seen; therefore not only they remain anonymous, but they also introduce a surreal sense through the surrounding elements. However, there are works where the portrait acquires an identity, i.e. the works where Radu Belcin resorts to his own image, such as “Find Me where I’m Hiding”, “Did You See My New Car”.

1978 – Born in Brasov, RO Lives and works in Brasov, RO

2002-2003 – postgraduate studies, professor Ștefan Câlția, National University of Art „Nicolae Grigorescu”, Bucharest, RO
1997-2002 – National University of Art „Nicolae Grigorescu”, Bucharest, RO, painting department, professors: Florin Ciubotaru, Valeriu Mladin
1993-1997 – Arts High School, grafic department, Brasov, RO

2001 – workshop of scenography and Light Moving Academy for Performing Arts, Amsterdam NL 
2001 – workshop of scenography, Toaca Cultural Foundation – Toaca Contemporary Art Studio, Bucharest, RO

2014 – Unfulfilled hopes, Oxholm Gallery, Copenhaga
2014 – Frozen Silence, Galerie Martin Mertens, Berlin
2012 – Sacrifice Generation / Génération de sacrifice, curator Cosmin Năsui, Societe Generale, Paris, FR, (with Flavia Pitiș)
2010 – Looking through the mirror, The Art Museum, Brasov, RO (with Flavia Pitiș)
2007 – Personal exhibition, Kronart Gallery, Brasov, RO
2007 – The Royal Procession and other characters, Europe Gallery, Brasov, RO
2006 – The world from my world, The Art Museum, Brasov, RO GROUP

2013 – End of Empires, February 2013, Corke Gallery, Liverpool, UK
2012 – The Essences of Reality, Hungarian and Romanian contemporary artists in an itinerant exhibition, Várfok Gallery, Budapest, HU
2012 – Colouring the Grey – State of Body, curator Cosmin Năsui, Liverpool Biennial Independents 2012, UK (catalogue)
2012 – Romania in Paris, curator Cosmin Năsui, American Center for the Arts, Dorothy’s Gallery, Paris, FR
2011 – Colouring the Grey – State of Mind, curator Cosmin Năsui, The Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, IL (book)
2011 – Europe Gallery, Brasov, RO
2009 – The Mediterranean Olive Grove, Olivepress – Art Factory, Dromonero, Crete, GR (catalogue)
2009 – Normandia Center, Brasov, RO
2008 – artMart, Kunstlerhause, Cheapart Gallery, Vienna, AT
2006 – The Art Museum, Brasov, RO 2005 – The Art Museum, Brasov, RO
2003 – National Theatre, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2002 – The Art Saloon, Bucharest, RO
2002 – The Art House Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2002 – Selfportraits, SKC Cultural Centre, Belgrade, RS
2002 – National Theatre Bucharest, RO
2002 – Antediplomă new media exhibition, UNA Gallery Bucharest, RO
2001 – Selfportret installation, UNA Gallery, Bucharerst, RO 2001 – Accente și Amprente, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, RO
2001 – workshop of scenography and Light Moving Academy for Performing Arts, Amsterdam NL, and Cultural Foundation Toaca – The Contemporary Art Studio Toaca, Bucharest, RO
2000 – Expo, Atelier 35, The Art Museum Constanța, RO
2000 – Selfportret, The Romanian Literature Museum, Bucharest, RO
2000 – Europe Days, The Collection Museum, Bucharest, RO
1999 – Instalation, Sala Palatului, Bucharest, RO
1999 – Eveniment Van Gogh, performance, National University of Art, Bucharest, RO

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